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Pre-sale services:
Provide the advisory opinion: The salesman and the technician introduce the details about the products , performance and quality they will need, we provide users difficult issues and technical advice about the products 24 hours.
Design project: Our technician will examine the scene, then provide the most superior project for the customer , according to the customer request or the equipment running environment.

Services during the period of sales:
The sales department monitor the equipment to ship the advancement. The equipments have been delivered the location in a week, our salesmen inquire the approval situation and others requests by telephone.
Provide the installation assistance service , introduce the operating method and specification.

Services after the sales:
Operation training: We carry on the operation and maintenance scene training to the oil field for the operators who use the drilling fluid purification recovery system.
Technical support: When we receive the user the technical support request or the failure report, we will keep in touch with the user by telephone immediately and instruct him to solve the problem. The technical support time is 24 hours, we are on duty in weekend and the holiday.
Scene service: If you need engineer to understand, judge and solve the problem to the scene, we promise that we arrange the technician to go the scene in.  12 hours after receiving the failure report.
Return visit regular: After the equipment enters the movement stage,
We arrange engineer to pay a return visit the user regularly, monitor the equipment running situation and provide the maintenance project .
Long-distance network support: We realize the technical support online through the compary website and e-mail. Website:www.buzzernepal.com. Mailbox:

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